Carol Hafner for CongressAbout Carol Hafner for Congress

Carol “Kitty” Hafner
Democrat for Wyoming U.S. Representative

National Education Association – Member and Union Officer (Retired)
Former Flight Attendant and Biotechnology Industry Professional

Telephone Phone: (212) 920-4809

Age: 65

Political Views: Democratic Socialist, Feminist, Environmentalist

Occupation: (Retired) Higher education public relations/marketing administrator/spokeswoman-Brookdale Community College; Holocaust-Genocide Center/Center for WWII Studies & Conflict Resolution media coordinator; International Center-study abroad coordinator; Student Mentor/Internship Supervisor; New Jersey Council of County Colleges representative; Biotechnology sales to Merck Pharmaceuticals; Flight Attendant-Eastern Airlines, Northwest Orient Airlines

Education: Immaculata University-B.S. Family and Consumer Science/Business; Post-graduate: prerequisites-Dietetics/Nursing, Criminal Justice, K-12 teaching; Continuing education Holocaust/Genocide studies, WWII History; Anti-gang/hate crime training- Attorney General

Political and Government Positions: Kerry for President/Corzine for Governor staff consultant

Business and Professional Positions: National Education Association officer, College Governance: Institutional Planning & Development, LGBTQ anti-bullying, Media-medical cannabis groups

Service Organization(s) Membership:
Leading Green-environmental stewardship
Leadership Shore-community leadership

Special Interests: Head Start nutrition volunteer

Exposed corruption resulting in College president and Board president both sent to prison. Despite threats and intimidation, I refused to back down. My determination and integrity led to their convictions.

Position Statement:
Congress must work together prioritizing needs for our citizens’ wellbeing, not those of special interest groups. Our nation is facing a crisis and we are on the forefront of global climate warming. Immediate budget allocation to aid this impact must be assigned and efforts to mitigate prioritized. I have signed pledges to not accept donations from oil, gas or coal industries. I pledge to prioritize the health of our families, climate and democracy. Our Native American/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian communities must be preserved in compliance with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

WWII brought together individuals of all backgrounds and abilities to defend America’s safety and freedom. Our veterans deserve quality services and health care. Aging veterans’ personal stories have inspired me to advocate and be a voice for those in need. We must establish a cost efficient single-payer healthcare system providing quality care for all our citizens. We must federally legalize cannabis, taking it out of the murky limbo between state and federal law, providing tax revenue earmarked to support free higher education and increase national K-12 education outcomes. Ensuring net neutrality and broadband access will also enhance education.

Constitutional amendments and federal laws must be passed to put an end to all forms of discrimination ensuring access to opportunity and fair treatment for all. With your vote on August 18 and in November, I will proudly represent your voice in Congress.

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Carol Hafner Congress WW2 Veteran


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PHONE (212) 920-4809